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The Perfect Bag

Hello and Happy Monday!

We totally took advantage of the crisp morning weather over the weekend and all the piles of leaves. I am thoroughly enjoying the fake fall weather occurring in So Cal while I patiently wait to wear my winter gear past 9 am. 

Speaking of gear, I finally found the perfect bag(s)! My goal this year was to incorporate my boho hippie style into my professional wardrobe. 

A common name individuals at work call me is “the bag lady”, because I literally carry around multiple bags, rolly carts, a bookbag, purse, etc. daily.  As I approach my 10th year as a pediatric occupational therapist, I can finally say, I have found the perfect bags!

I am typically a hot mess, running from one school to the next, trying to make sure I maximize my time throughout the school day.  After one week of wearing my Ixchel Triangle bags,  I had never felt more together, organized and presentable. I also loved that the bags never slipped off my shoulder once. 

I needed a bag that could keep me organized, had multiple pockets, and reflected my style.  I have specific sensory preferences which makes finding the “perfect bag” so challenging. 

I could never find a bag that was the right weight, texture, size, or the level of accessibility I needed for quick and easy access to materials and purse items, until now. I am currently using the Tik bag as my everyday bag and the K’at camera bag as my work bag. 

Tik Bag
K’at Bag
Insert for the K’at Bag

Self-care replenishes the soul and allows the body to have a foundation of goodness when approaching life.  I have been striving to make changes within my daily routine to ensure I maintain a foundation of goodness on the regular to support my optimal mental and physical health. Shopping at local businesses that reflect my personal style and business ethics adds to that cup of goodness. I love nourishing my soul with living and spending habits that remain true to myself and reflect a positive, collaborative, and creative mindset on this journey called life.


Sending everyone good vibes for a mindful Monday!

Tory is a beautiful soul. I had a fabulous time meeting her last weekend and getting lost in the store, admiring all the beautiful creations.  Check out Ixchel Triangle, their mission, and their amazing, high-quality products at and on Instagram @ixcheltriangle #supportlocal #radlands #makeitamindfulmonday

*Disclaimer * This is my personal review of a product and a business I choose and will continue to support. I am not affiliated with the company in any way and they did not ask me to write this review. As always, I love supporting local businesses and sharing my experiences!

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