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It is OK to be mad. It is OK to be sad.

I love my son. He is the most energetic, rambunctious ball of high energy with so much love to give. He truly is the most amazing human I have ever met.   I will advocate for him and his needs every single day of my life
But I am angry and I am sad and I have been struggling for years with that gut feeling knowing something was not right and now other people see what I have been seeing since day one
It’s OK to be angry. It’s OK to be sad.  But don’t let it overwhelm you. Don’t let it consume you. Think of it as a cloud that needs to pass by
I spoke with so many beautiful, amazing friends these past few days and it’s funny, when you are in special education the 1st thing that you do when you think something is wrong with your kid is contact every single person you know in the field and pretty much they all said the same thing, “He has the best mama he possibly could have and whatever it is you are going to be able OK”
Luke is who he is and that will never change and no diagnosis will change who he is as a person
This post is more about it’s OK to be angry and it’s OK to not feel guilty for feeling angry because that does not make you a bad mom. In fact, it just shows how authentic and human a mother’s emotions can truly be
Navigating the early intervention system and medical world via seeking out a diagnosis can feel like an unstoppable rollercoaster of emotions.  Honor yourself.  Honor the warrior parent that you are.  Trust your judgement and seek out individuals that will actively listen to your concerns and help guide you in the right direction. Remember, no one knows your child better than you
#itsOKtobemad #itsOKtobesad #honoryourself #honoryouremotions #warriormama

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