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Mindfulness in Motherhood

by Danielle Delorenzo, OTR/L
Mornings with an OT Mom

Part 1: Pre-Pregnancy

Bushkill Falls, PA 2007
Part 1: Pre-Pregnancy (1)
Part 1: Pre-Pregnancy (2)
Coal Region, PA 2009

I have been working on this series for months.

Saint Peter’s Village, PA 2012

Each day I would sit down and write a tad more. I just kept writing.

Joshua Tree April 2015

I had been trying to figure out how to put it all down into written expression and then decided, I just could not do it

1 week before we moved to Cali July 2015

If you had the chance to listen to my podcast appearance on @ot.4.lyfe, episode 51, , you got an inside glimpse of my personal and professional life colliding.

Now, let me take you on a quick trip in my tardis a few years back.

Making it DMV official – Residents of Cali August 2015

I just wanted to say Hi. Thank you for following along. You are amazing. I hope you enjoy. Sending everyone good vibes to #makeitamindfulmonday

Our last mini vaca before trying to get pregnant July 2016

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